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Courses at the Industry Academy

We present the complete training offer of our IndustryAcademy. Below, we provide key information about the courses we offer. We also encourage you to visit our othertraining departments that provide professional training.

Our training departments:

Admission Requirements for Courses

There are no special requirements for admission to the Industry Academy training. The only condition is being 18 years old and having a willingness to learn – we will teach youthe rest!

Courses for Industrial Robot Programmers

Robotics courses at the Industry Academy are conducted in day or weekend sessions. The duration of training depends on the level of advancement. Basic-level training lasts for 24 hours, while advanced-level training lasts for 16 hours. The Academy is equipped with robots from brands such as KUKA, FANUC, YASKAWA, ABB.

Courses for CNC Machine Operators and Programmers

CNC machine operator and programmer courses at the Academy are conducted during the day, evening, or weekend. The basic-level training lasts for 40 instructional hours. The Industry Academy has a vertical machining center BACA R1000 with Sinumerik 828D control and a VENUS 200 lathewith FANUC 0i-D control. The machines in the Academy areused solely for training purposes and not for production.

Courses for PLC Programmers

The Industry Academy offers training in PLC programming, specifically for Siemens Simatic S7-1200, in day and weekend sessions. The training duration is 24 instructional hours. Fullyequipped workstations with computers and relevant software, as well as PLC controllers and HMI panels, are provided for participants. Additionally, the Academy has conveyors and robots controlled by PLCs.

Electrical Engineering Courses

The Industry Academy conducts electrical engineering coursesduring the day, evening, and weekend. The training duration is16 instructional hours. Participants build electrical circuitswith resistors, diodes, and capacitors during the sessions.

Courses for Diagnosticians

The Industry Academy offers training for vibration and thermographic diagnosticians in day or weekend sessions. The training duration is 24 instructional hours. The Academyprovides access to equipment commonly used in the industry, and the training involves practical exercises in small groups.

Hydraulic Power Courses

Training in hydraulic power is conducted at the IndustryAcademy during the day, evening, or weekend. Basic and advanced level courses last for 24 hours. Clients have accessto FESTO Didactic workstations, including hydraulic pumps, valves, hydraulic motors, oil tanks, and analyzers and meters(pressure, flow, temperature).

Industrial Pneumatics Courses

Industrial pneumatics courses are conducted at the IndustryAcademy during the day or weekend. The courses last for 24 hours and are offered at both basic and advanced levels. The sessions take place on FESTO Didactic workstations, whichinclude pneumatic motors, valves, reducers, and othercomponents.

Painters’ Courses

The Industry Academy offers training for painters with a duration of 40 instructional hours.

The sessions take place in a professional paint shop, where participants familiarizethemselves with repair, painting, and protective work from the ground up. Classes are conducted in small groups and focusprimarily on practical exercises.

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SEP (Electrical Work Authorization) Training

In the Industry Academy, we provide training for allcategories of SEP authorizations – electrical, thermal, and gas. The training lasts for 8 hours, and clients have access to training stations corresponding to their chosen scope of training.